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Moises Welcomes Key Hire Matt Henninger as VP of Sales and Business Development

Henninger will work closely with our executive team, focusing on customer pool expansion and growth in B2B services.

We’re honored to tap into the deep expertise of the digital music veteran, who led business development and sales at MediaNet Digital and SOCAN’s Dataclef, and most recently, the sales division at Audible Magic.

This important decision comes at an opportune time. The AI we’ve built is still an untapped territory for many businesses and we’re in a unique position to grow thanks to our scalability:

“Because Moises is already operating at an Enterprise scale, we know that we can offer these services in a really economical way to businesses who could leverage their own experiences and create new creator tools.”

This ambition alludes to Moises working with streaming and social media platforms in a symbiotic way, with our AI acting as a potential new feature within these services. In the context of ever-evolving content creation technologies, Henninger notes that these alliances could lead to a fundamental change in the way people interact in the various digital ecosystems.

He also sees new potential arising for music creators and labels: “I think a huge market segment for us are labels and musicians that have created music over the years and don't have access to the stem.” The creators could potentially “license their stems and find more revenue from old music.”

Despite the lack of logistics, we took extra care to optimize our company infrastructure to easily support any business based anywhere on the globe, which means other companies can harness the power of our products smoothly. Plus, our partnership with Google to secure cloud resources that only a few companies in the world have access to puts us ahead in the game in the world of AI-supported creativity.

Henninger is very much aligned with our core mission, which comes down to empowering music creators and performers with intuitive and powerful technology. On top of that, he says we’re entering a unique era of technological innovation refocusing on the artist themselves: "In the next three to five years or so, we’re about to see a wave of creator tools with AI assisting the human process".

Note: quotes have been adjusted for clarity purposes.

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises