Produce music like never before

Extract vocals and instruments from any audio/video file. Create samples and remixes using high-fidelity audio stems powered by AI.

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Remove vocals, change instruments volume, tempo, song keys, and more!

How Moises works in 3 easy steps

Artificial Intelligence finally meets music. Moises is a simple and powerful tool for you to produce, study, teach, and play music like never before.

  • Step 1Search or upload a song
  • Step 2Separate tracks, remix, and master
  • Step 3Download individual tracks or entire mix

Go beyond extracting vocals and instruments

Upload any audio or video and get voice and instruments separated into individual tracks. Adjust volume, panning, pitch and tempo keeping the audio quality.

AI Reference Mastering

Sound like a pro instantly with our online AI Mastering engine.

  • Pro sound for everyone

    Now you can create unlimited masters without paying high studio fees. AI Mastering makes your music ready for release, sounding great in any device.

  • Sound like your favorite artist

    Upload your song and a reference track that inspires you. AI Mastering will learn the nuances and make you sound as great as your favorite artist, keeping the soul of your music.

  • Everything mastered

    AI Mastering makes you sound like a pro on everything you do. Whether on social media or streaming service, you can take any recording to the next level.

Unbeatable pricing

Unlock extra features and unlimited uploads with Premium.

FreeThe power of Moises AI for everyone
  • 5 uploads per month
  • 5 minutes duration (per file)
  • Files stored for 3 days
  • MP3 320Kbps download
  • Limited instruments separation
  • Standard processing queue
  • iOS & Android
  • Mixer
  • Smart Metronome (1 min)
  • Chords detection (1 min)
  • Lyrics (coming soon)
  • Limited pitch shifter
  • Limited playback speed
  • 5 uploads per month
  • MP3 320Kbps download
PremiumUSD $3.33Per month, billed annually
Or $3.99 billed monthly
  • Unlimited uploads
  • 20 minutes duration (per file)
  • Files stored forever
  • WAV & MP3 download
  • All instruments separation
  • Fast processing queue
  • Advanced settings
  • iOS & Android
  • Mixer
  • Smart Metronome
  • Chords detection
  • Lyrics (coming soon)
  • Pitch shifter
  • Playback speed
  • Unlimited uploads
  • WAV & MP3 download