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Moises Android Team Attends Exclusive Android Development Summit in San Francisco

Read about how our team got the latest know-how in improving app experiences.

Moises developers at the Android Development Summit 2022 event

Moises were honored to be invited to the exclusive Android Development Summit 2022, hosted in the Bay Area in San Francisco by Google. The in-person event took place on October 24th, and our team was represented by Vinícius, our Android tech lead, and Ademir, our Senior Android Engineer.

The event was an opportunity to learn about the latest Android technologies straight from the source, and participants were able to book one-on-one sessions with Google engineers.

The technical keynote centered around innovations in Android’s core platform and insights into utilizing Android’s momentum to the maximum across a variety of devices, including wearables, foldable devices, and larger screens.

The biggest theme of the talks was providing Android developers with new tools to make the creation of different app experiences more efficient. MAD, or Modern Android Development, is the new site of tools and libraries Google now provides to developers. Jetpack Compose was strongly presented as the future of the best Android UI (User Interface) building tool and promises a better-quality debugging process and more efficient rendering. Another tool, Baseline Profiles, can improve the overall speed of an app resulting in smoother scrolling, and claims to deliver more than 30% improvement in one afternoon.

Vinícius, our Android Tech Lead, said:

"It was an amazing opportunity to meet so many people from the Android community, it made me feel more a part of it. Knowing what the Android team is building and what will be released helps us plan our next steps and think of new ways to improve our own product."


Our team was able to get valuable insights directly from the best experts in Android technology. Here’s how our Senior Android Engineer Ademir reflects on the event:

“As a first-timer at the event, the atmosphere was incredible. Having the opportunity to meet and chat with the creators of the tools and frameworks we use daily was amazing. These are the things that really create a sense of community. Shoutout to the organization and the quality of the talks!”

If you’re curious to dive deeper into the new Android technologies, feel free to check out the Keynote speech below:

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises