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Discover why Grammy Award-winning producers trust Moises for their music creation. Enhance production workflow with AI-powered voice models, Hi-Fi stem separation, and our VST plugins for the DAW.


Seamlessly harness multiple voices, eliminate hassles and unlock endless possibilities.

Voice Studio

Match an incredible array of high-quality Voice Models to your desired pitch. Crafted by seasoned vocalists in a reverb-free environment with top-tier microphones, our models ensure artifact-free perfection.

Hi-Fi Audio Separation

Transform your projects with the pinnacle of audio separation quality. This exclusive feature of the Pro Plan offers pristine results tailored to elevate your music production to unmatched levels.

Stems Plugin

Create high-quality samples with AI-powered audio separation directly from your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Save precious time and optimize your studio routine with our innovative VST plugin.

An unparalleled pro-level experience for those who demand the best, where innovation meets precision.
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Music producer


Award-winning music producer and DJ from Nigeria

Music producer

Larry Ohh

Producer and content creator with an online collective following of over 300k

Music producer

Producing in the box

Producer and content creator with over 4 million views on YouTube

The App for the Professional Producer

Remix, remake, and shape your music with exceptional AI features.

Advanced stem separation

Moises redefines creative freedom by precisely separating instrument tracks, as well as offering pristine voice removal or isolation. Craft your mix, practice easily, and unlock a new level of sonic dexterity with our AI Audio Separation technology.

BPM, key, and chord detection: all-in-one precision

Moises can automatically detect the BPM, key, and chords in any song. Streamline your creative process by swiftly finding the perfect match for your productions.

Workflow optimization

Create samples on the go with the mobile app, or use the web version on your desktop. Access your tracks and harness the power of Artificial Intelligence from ANY device.

Safety for cloud storage

No more worrying about manual backups with external hard drives. Create the ultimate library and secure your media in the cloud.

Rockstars and Top Creators use the Moises App

"This app provides me the answer to a question that people have been asking me since my channel begun: How do I remove vocals or isolate vocals in a music track?"

Mike RussellPodcast and jingle producer; YouTuber from the Music Radio Creative channel with over 60 million views

"I've been using Moises since the very beginning. I used the tool to extract the voice of the Brazilian Samba icon Beth Carvalho from one of her songs and used it on one of the tracks of her daughter's album, Luana Carvalho. The result was a song infused with emotion that brought extreme satisfaction to the artist."

Alexandre Kassin3x Latin Grammy-winning music producer

"This app is a beast! Is the perfect tool to use if you trying to practice, learn music and produce, especially remixes and live arrangements."

Jerrod "J-Rod" SullivanDrummer, arranger and producer who's performed with Smokey Robinson, Kirk Whalum, Jidenna, among others

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