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Meet all of Moises’ Features and our Latest Release

We’re constantly evolving to elevate your creative potential! Practice music without limits using our features and get to know the latest news.

Moises was born to empower people's creative potential through music and technology.

We want to uncomplicate musicians' lives and democratize the connection with music, that's why we have two versions: Free, with limited features, and Premium, which offers numerous benefits such as unlimited uploads, longer file lengths, and more advanced features.

We have everything you need to elevate your practice, with features that will make your music experience even better. We're constantly expanding and developing to make your day-to-day creative process even easier, designed to be simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for experienced artists.

Meet all Moises features:

Unleash your creativity

AI Audio Separation

Separate or remove vocals and background vocals from any song. Extract or isolate guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings* (*available on the Web App), and other instruments with one click. Create your own high-quality acapella and karaoke samples from the original songs with our easy to use vocal remover.

AI Audio Separation Free vs. Premium

Free: 2 Tracks Separation (Vocals, Instrumental) and 4 Tracks (Vocals, Drums, Bass, Other). Limited to 5 uploads/month per user, with files up to 5 minutes long.

Premium: In addition to the Track Separation options available in the Free plan, you can separate 3 tracks (Vocals, Background vocals, Instrumental), 5 tracks (Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Other), 5 tracks (Vocals, Drums, Bass, Piano, Other), and 5 tracks (Vocals, Drums, Bass, Strings, Other). Available on the Web App

In the Premium version, uploads are unlimited, with files up to 20 minutes long and tracks have priority during processing.

Learn more about the AI Audio Separation

Combine tempo and harmonies to play at your own pace

Audio Speed Changer

Easily get the song samples that best suit your productions. With the Audio Speed Changer, you can slow down to discover the nuances of each solo, riff, and groove, or speed up the music to challenge yourself and try out new ideas. It's the perfect solution for you to practice in your own rhythm!

Audio Speed Changer Free vs. Premium

Free: Limited to a range of -10 or +10 speeds.

Premium: Unlimited.

Learn more about the Audio Speed Changer

Add click tracks to elevate your music practice

Smart Metronome

Keep up with the beat of the music with synchronized click tracks! The BPM is automatically generated after uploading the song you want to play, making your practice much more efficient. This feature relies on artificial intelligence that identifies the beat of the music and can be activated according to your needs.

Smart Metronome Free vs. Premium

Free: Limited to the first minute of the song.

Premium: Unlimited.

Learn more about the Smart Metronome

Change the key of any song

AI Key Detection & Pitch Changer

Instantly find the songs key with our song key finder and change it to match your vocal range in just one click. You no longer have to strain your voice to try to hit higher notes in your practice or on a Karaoke night.

AI Key Detection & Pitch Changer Free vs. Premium

Free: Limited to two semitone changes.

Premium: Unlimited.

Learn more about the AI Key Detection & Pitch Changer

Visualize the chords of your favorite songs in real time

Chord Detection

Save time and just focus on playing! Our AI identifies chords in real time so you can easily learn every transition and every part of the song arrangement. No more searching for chords and ciphers on different websites and platforms!

Chord Detection Free vs. Premium

Free: Limited to the first minute of the song.

Premium: Unlimited.

Learn more about the Chord Detection

Master your songs using Artificial Intelligence

Mastering by Reference (exclusive on the Moises Web App)

Upload songs and master them using high-quality audio references. With this feature, you upload your track and a reference song for the system to extract the elements and master it for you. It has become the best and most affordable solution for you to do online mastering on your own with state-of-the-art processing!

Unlimited usage feature for both access modes.

Practice without limits with other features

Count in

Set the counting period that precedes the beginning of the song so that you can start at the right time.

Count in Free vs. Premium

Free: Limited to 4 clicks.

Premium: Limited to 10 clicks.


Control and set when the song should start and end to practice only the specific parts of the song.

Unlimited usage feature for both access modes.

[Body Image] Playlist Campaign.png

New! Playlist: Create, customize and organize your music.

The new feature has arrived for those who want to customize and optimize their creative process in Moises!

The new feature was developed to make life easier for those who use the app for live performances, but also for those who enjoy having fun with the platform. Create playlists, organize your music library, and order your tracks in your preferred sequence.

Playlists make the Moises experience more convenient, personalized, and it puts an end to the endless scrolling to find songs in your library. Available on the app and also on the WebApp.

[Playlist Campaign] Web App.gif

Whether creating or practicing, the Playlist feature will help you manage and access all your audio content in a more personalized and streamlined way.

Which feature do you use the most? Did you enjoy the new update? Let us know!

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises

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