Say goodbye to writer's block with Lyric Writer

Keep your inspiration flowing with the ultimate lyric-writing sidekick that tailors line and rhyme suggestions to your own ideas. Lyric Writer is a tireless co-writing buddy who goes beyond a rigid AI lyric generator, allowing you to express your creativity like never before.

A creative assistant that never runs out of ideas

We built an intuitive, smart lyric-writing assistant that understands where you want your track to go, getting better with each prompt you input.

Rhyme as you type

Tired of looking up "words that rhyme with..." on your browser, over and over again? Yeah, we've been there. That's why we built a smart rhyme generator with mood filters, so you can spark the right ideas for your next line while staying immersed in your creative flow.

Set the right mood

Get the tone of your lyrics just right by selecting a specific mood. Whether you want to express positive feelings such as love or pride, or negative ones like anger or sadness, we’ve got you.

Syllable count for lines

Work smarter. Get line suggestions that fit perfectly into your song's structure by setting the exact number of syllables you want.

The perks of AI Songwriter (BETA)

The most-wanted features built into a compact lyrics assistant that will revolutionize the way you write forever.

Rhyme and write like never before

Our AI taps into the collective genius of the world’s top artists to suggest perfect-sounding rhymes, along with alternative words, synonyms, metaphors, and more — all at your fingertips.

Get suggestions based on moods

Get more relevant suggestions by setting the mood of your song. Lyric Writer will generate words and lines that better fit your emotions.

Get suggestions based on the context of your song

Lyric Writer learns what the context of your song is from the first line you type in. Plus, the more you write, the better the suggestions get.

Share and collaborate

Songwriting is usually a hugely collaborative process. Let your collective workflow blossom by securely sharing your ideas with artists, friends, and fellow creatives.

Securely stored in the cloud

With Lyric Writer, your lyrics are protected and stored on a highly secure cloud, so you will never have to worry about losing your work.

All your music in one place

We get that making music can get messy sometimes. With Lyric Writer, you'll never feel like your work is scattered all over the place.

Powerful and easy to use

The new era of lyric writing

Unlock your full poetic potential by harnessing the instinctive support of AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are. Lyric Writer was built to generate original phrases and lines that respond to the creative input of each user, so everyone will get different results. On top of that, the more prompts you insert, the better and more unique the suggestions become. However, like any human, it is still possible to get results that might sound similar to other known works due to the potential similarity of input text to published lyrics.

Yes. Lyric Writer is a writing assistant, not an AI lyrics generator. That's why the authorship and legal responsibility of the creative work produced with this tool belongs to the user who wrote the lyrics with the help of this software. Please check the terms of service for more info.

Although Lyric Writer is a hugely versatile tool, it's still in beta. Our team is working on incorporating other languages in the near future.

Ready to rhyme? It's your time to shine!