Create endless possibilities for high-quality samples with the Stems VST plugin

Efficiency in your creative process is paramount — and Moises knows that. Create high-quality samples with AI-powered audio separation directly from your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Save precious time and optimize your studio routine with our innovative VST plugin.

A VST plugin to streamline your music production

High-fidelity audio quality

Get the best sound possible with the AI-powered Hi-Fi audio separation technology, delivering crisp and clear vocals and instruments.

Convenient track separation

Free your creativity from previous constraints. This user-friendly plugin allows you to separate tracks in your DAW, through drag-and-drop or an URL.

Easy installation

Install the Stems Plugin just like you would other VST plugins, with a simple and straightforward process.

Enjoy the Stems Plugin in 4 simple steps

Integrate the plugin seamlessly and create samples in a matter of minutes.

Download the plugin

Logged into your Moises account with a Pro Subscription via Desktop App, click “Plugins” on the sidebar. Download the Stems plugin, making sure you’re getting the right version for your system — MacOS or Windows.

Set up the plugin

Open your DAW and create a new audio track. Navigate to the plugin menu, and select Moises > Stems. If the plugin doesn’t appear, go to Preferences > Plug-Ins, and perform a rescan while ensuring that the VST3 settings are enabled.


After selecting the Stems Plugin, a code validation screen will prompt you for authentication. Follow the instructions provided to verify your plugin.

Manipulate stems

With the plugin loaded on your audio track, you can now manipulate the stems within your track using the plugin’s interface. Remember to save your work to avoid losing any progress.

Save and integrate

Once you’ve finished working with the stems, save your project to preserve the changes. You can now integrate the processed stems into your DAW project for further production or mixing.

Moises wants to optimize your music production

Master your craft with precision and power at your desk with Moises. Enjoy our collective set of features that will make your music experience seamless. We're constantly evolving, innovating, and updating our app. Stay tuned!

Voice Studio

Easily generate high-quality vocal tracks for your music projects, creating the perfect samples with the timbre and pitch you need.

Hi-Fi Audio Separation

Elevate your production with exclusive access to this distinctive asset of the Pro Plan, seamlessly dissecting tracks with unparalleled clarity. Our ever-evolving AI technology guarantees a pure and refined separation that sets a new industry standard.

Audio Speed Changer

Slow down or speed up any song with one click. The App instantly detects and displays the BPM of any song.

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Music producer

Felipe Vassão

Multi-platinum music producer and Latin Grammy award winner. Co-owner of in São Paulo, contributing over two decades of expertise to the Brazilian advertising market

Vocal Coach

Paul Mckay

Vocal coach, operates OneVoice Music Academy

Vocal Coach

Zane Rima

Vocal coach and YouTuber with over 32 million views in her channel

Get more efficiency with the Stems Plugin

Much more than a track separation tool: a powerful VST plugin that can boost your productivity and creativity in many ways.

7 stems to work with

Access all 7 stems processed at once, including Vocals, Keys, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Strings and Others, for maximum flexibility and control.

Versatile compatibility

Use the Stems Plugin with any major DAW, such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaper, Studio One, Fruity Loops, Adobe Premiere, and more.

Cost-effective solution

Save money and resources by accessing the Stems Plugin along with other exclusive features for Producers.

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