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Unveiling the Moises Producer Plan: The All-Inclusive Package for Music Producers

Moises' new plan is designed exclusively for music producers, allowing for enhanced workflow efficiency, time and cost savings, and high-quality recordings.

Today, we are truly excited to introduce our latest offering: Moises Producer Plan. A perfect blend of our tried-and-tested features and some spectacular new additions, this plan delivers an unrivaled experience that caters to seasoned music producers and fresh talents. We aim to equip you with the most advanced, AI-powered solutions to turbocharge your musical work.

Moises Producer Plan: Equipping You with the Best

Our Producer plan encompasses all the exciting features of our Musician plan. But, it sets the bar even higher with three game-changing features, Voice Studio, VST Plugins* and Hi-Fi Audio Separation Models, incorporated to transform and optimize your music production process.

Designed exclusively for the workflow of music producers, these incredible features will only be available on our Web App and will not be supported on the Mobile App.

*Coming soon

A sneak peek into what the Producer Plan offers

  • Voice Studio: Say goodbye to hiring artists and managing schedules and expenses, as Voice Studio enables you to accomplish diverse voice manipulations easily.
  • VST Plugins: Designed to seamlessly fit into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) workflow, our plugins are simply user-friendly essential tools every producer needs.
  • Hi-Fi Audio Separation Models: Enjoy higher-quality instrument separation that allows easy sample incorporation into your tracks.

Built with Music Producers in Mind

Understanding your creative process, we have focused on reducing the mess and amplifying the output. Our tools and features aim to transform the highly experimental nature of your workflow into something more streamlined and efficient.

The producers of today face many challenges, including the costly and time-consuming process of recording different voices, the absence of a user-friendly track separation plugin, and the need for high-quality audio separation. The Producer Plan is designed to be a one-stop solution to tackle these difficulties head-on.

For instance, you can now leverage our Voice Studio to ethically and effortlessly create a variety of backing vocals. With our VST Plugin integration, gone are the days of interrupting your process by visiting external websites for track separation. And with our Hi-Fi audio separation models, you get nothing short of the best quality.

Why Choose the Moises Producer Plan?

The answer is quite simple. When you opt for our Producer Plan, you choose an accelerating growth curve. Our plan doesn’t just provide a service; it adds tangible value to your musical journey.

Explore unparalleled workflow efficiency with our advanced tools, save costs and time with our AI-powered voice studio, and enrich your tracks with our high-quality audio separation models.

Make the most of Moises' offerings, optimize your process, and captivate your audience with professional-level recordings. The spotlights are waiting – take center stage with the Moises Producer Plan!

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