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Unlock AI Audio Separation new possibilities

Upload more songs, get faster processing, and use the exclusive separations for guitar tracks, background vocals, piano, and strings. No more wasting time looking for backing tracks. Now you can quickly generate your own tracks on any device.

Smart Metronome for the whole song

Have you ever tried matching a Metronome's click with your favorite song? Now you can do so with ease in 1-click. Our ground-breaking Smart Metronome will automatically sync clicks to any studio or live recording.

Pitch and Speed changes unlocked

Sing and play with the key you need and change the speed without any limits. Slow down the music to discover the nuances of every solo, riff, and groove. Speed up the song to challenge yourself and experiment with new ideas without compromising the pitch.

Key and Chord Detection with no restrictions

Instantly detect the song key and share it with your band members. Get everyone practicing in the same key for a stellar performance. Detect and display the chords in sync with any song! Easily learn every transition and music section - hands-free!


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Create content that engages

We are also here to support you in your content creation. See some ideas of what our community is doing and get inspired.

How to tips

Share the best practices for musicians. How to remove vocals and instruments from any song; How to isolate vocals and instruments and discover the nuances.


Stop feeling boxed in by the original parts; make it personal. Express yourself and improvise! Add your personal touch to every note and chord, bringing your own unique style to the music that inspires you!

Remixes & Mashups

Remix, shape, remake, and share your music creations!

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