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An innovative platform designed to elevate the music creation and practice experience for musicians of all levels. With powerful features, Moises Web App allows you to enhance your skills, powered by AI.


Experience the best-in-class separation quality for any song with Moises Web App.


You better believe it.

Keep up with the latest state-of-the-art technology and ever-evolving AI algorithms.

AI Audio Separation

Guitar & Exclusive Background Vocals.

Unleash your creativity, separate lead and background vocals from any song. Extract or isolate guitars, bass, drums, and other instruments in one click. Create your own high-quality acapella samples and karaoke from the original songs.

BPM & Key Detection

Match tempo and harmonies powered by AI.

No more guesswork. Easily create and get samples that best fit your productions. The Moises AI goes beyond audio separation, it analyzes any media file (audio or video) and reveals the BPM and song key.

MP3, M4A, and WAV

Export to create.

The end of creative limitations. Export high-quality audio mixes and separated tracks with metronome included directly to your PC. Download in MP3, M4A, and WAV files format.

Mastering by Reference

Make the sound like the artist you love.

Sounding as good as your favorite artist when singing cover songs has never been easier. Easily match the Mastering of a reference song to your own. No more time spent adjusting your sound with complex tools or using expensive filters.

The perfect feat.

The right experience for each moment of your practice and creative process.
Your private library accessible from any device, stored securely in the cloud.

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Meet the Web App Experience

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"I've been using Moises since the very beginning. I used the tool to extract the voice of the Brazilian Samba icon Beth Carvalho from one of her songs and used it on one of the tracks of her daughter's album, Luana Carvalho. The result was a song infused with emotion that brought extreme satisfaction to the artist."

Kassin, 2x Latin Grammy-winning music producer

Find out why countless musicians love the Moises App

“Awesome! Such a cool app! I use it to play along with my favorite music without the bother of having to play the part as the record”


“Must have app for jamming Love this app! My son is learning drums and often needs drumless version of songs to jam to. I use this app to remove the drums track from songs by just copying /pasting links from YouTube. It’s easy to use and the resulting tracks are clean without any added distortion. PS: I do not use the tracks for commercial purposes.”


“The Best for rehearsal It works exactly as it claims. Been playing music for 20 years and I’ve never used anything like it ever. It’s amazing.”


“Amazing technology It has been stated for many years that what this app does simply could not be achieved. This tool is a godsend to all musicians who need track separation. It is not perfect, but is a huge step forward. My experience suggests that the original recording has a lot to do with the quality of the separation. If you are happy with a limit of 5 songs per month, the free version will suffice.”


“THE BEST! I am a drummer and becoming super super super productive creating drum cover since used it. Helps me a lot! Bravo!”


“Excellent help mate This app is excellent in that I can practice the cajon with the band and check my timing. I really stand out when I’m off timing!! But that’s what I need. Thank you Moises for your product!!”

Sam Kul

“This App is a Gamechanger!!! If you study music in any form—you probably can benefit from this app for purposes of practice.”


“Exactly what I was dreaming of I play drums and dj. This lets me remove the drums to create dj mashups and to remix with my own drums. Truly blown away.”

Fresh ta def

“Game changer Highly recommended for anyone involved in music production at any level.”


“I've been trying with many removing vocal Apps. They removed vocals and also the music quality. But not with Moises, the music quality remains intact at least 95%. I'm very happy with this product for making the songs sound original. Highly recommended for karaoke singing.”

Kiet Bui

“Sound quality very clean on everything I have played so far. It don’t sound like cheap reproduction recording. I am a drummer and it’s nice to see so if you can delete what instrument you like out of the mix to play along with it for practice or performance.I know there are other software on the market but, I like what I see in your particular product.”

Big Dog Rich

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