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Moises App: Download for iOS

Designed to work seamlessly on your iPhone

Moises App is the perfect tool for musicians aiming to deliver outstanding sound dynamics. With a user-friendly interface, Moises offers iOS users the ability to separate tracks, remove instruments, adjust pitch and speed, and personalize their mixing settings, all in the palm of their hand. Regardless of your musical proficiency level, Moises for iOS is an indispensable tool for practicing, creating, and understanding music.

Moises App: Download for Android

Embrace the power of artificial intelligence with Moises for Android

This intuitive music solution, perfectly configured to operate on your Android device, provides a comprehensive platform for audio splitting, chord detection, metronome click track, and much more. Whether practicing guitar parts, studying drum fills, or extracting vocals, Moises for Android allows you to do all this and more with just a few taps. Elevate your musical experience and creativity to new heights with the most innovative software in the industry.

Moises App: Download for iPad

Performing music has never been more comfortable with Moises for iPad

The large display, combined with the interactive features of Moises, offers an unparalleled music practice experience. You can do everything from extracting instruments and vocals to displaying chords within this app. With the touch of your finger, you can customize tracks and explore your musical creativity. Moises for iPad offers a fluid and engaging platform for all your music editing and creation needs right in the palm of your hand.

Moises App: Download for Desktop

Unleash your artistic potential with Moises for desktop.

Regardless of your operating system, we offer a comprehensive, reliable software solution for creating and practicing your musical skills. Equipped with cutting-edge features like AI Audio Separation, Pitch Changer, Chords Detection, and much more, Moises for Desktop is the ultimate creative partner for every musician, producer, and DJ.

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One of the most-subscribed drummers on YouTube, with over 280 million views


Mohini Dey

One of the "30 most influential young people under 30" by Forbes Magazine, she has been considered a prodigy by many musicians

Music producer

Yaahn Hunter Jr.

Artist, Producer, and Content Creator who has worked with Grammy and Stellar Award Artists

Discover what captivates Rock Stars and Professional Musicians

Learn how Moises AI takes your practice and creativity to the next level.

Hear the Details

Clearly listen to the isolated vocals and instruments of your choice. Discover the nuances of every solo, riff, and groove to master your craft. The Moises AI never stops learning to deliver richer details in every song.

Personalized Experience

Get full creative control and autonomy over your experience. Whether practicing, remixing, or creating, use our mixer to fine-tune songs to meet your goals.

Boost Your Practice and Learn Faster

Give yourself time to focus on your music practice. Now that you don’t need to search for backing tracks, you have more time to sharpen your skills and speed up your learning.

Karaoke with Original Songs

We got tired of Karaoke tracks sounding like ringtones. Now you can remove vocals and keep background vocals in 1-click. Imagine the feeling of singing with your favorite band! Finally, you can start a Karaoke party anywhere with any song.

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