MADE FOR SINGERS "Moises is the tool that every singer and musician needs to have in his or her pocket." Ícaro Melo

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Paul Mckay

Vocal coach, operates OneVoice Music Academy

Zane Rima

Vocal coach and YouTuber with over 32 million views in her channel

Jennifer Glatzhofer

Musical theater performer and vocal coach

The Musician's App

Adjust any song to meet your practice needs.

Remove or isolate vocals to practice or create your own version, and bend any song to your vocal range with our Pitch Changer!

All-in-one Singer’s App

Manipulate music tracks with ease. Switch up a song’s pitch and playback speed. Remove or isolate vocals, instruments, and more. Whether you’re a professional singer, music student, or karaoke lover, creative control is now yours.

AI Audio Separation

Separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and other instruments from any song. Isolate instruments or mute tracks in one click.

Pitch Changer

Control and change the music key with 1-click. Shift the pitch to meet your vocal range or to play in any key.

AI Key Detection

Learn the key of any song. Our Artificial Intelligence technology never stops improving in accuracy.

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Best Personal Growth App of 2021 by Google Play

Moises, the Musician’s App, was recognized in several countries as the Best App of 2021 for Personal Growth by Google Play. This category carries a powerful meaning as it embodies our core mission to “Empower Creative Potential”.

The App for the Modern Singer

Get full creative control over your favorite song. Lower or enhance lead vocals, background vocals, and instruments! Visualize and change the song’s key to match your range with 1 click.

Set the Right Key for Your Voice

Can't find a version of your favorite song in your key of choice? Save your voice from singing along to music out of your vocal range. Use our Pitch Changer feature to detect and change the song’s key for the perfect performance.

Set the Playback Speed to Learn

Want to learn and practice a new riff? Solo the vocals and slow down any song with 1 click using our Audio Speed Changer. Experiment with other sound vibes by speeding up the BPMs.

Go Beyond Karaoke

Isolate lead vocals with a few clicks or mute them, keeping the background vocals to create the ultimate backing track from any audio or video file.

Master Harmonies

Separate and isolate background vocals to learn and practice harmonies with the original music.

Rockstars and Top Creators use the Moises App

In isolating vocals, you're picking up the details that you didn't pick up on before. Such a great learning tool.”

Paul Mckay

Vocal coach, operates OneVoice Music Academy

This app provides me the answer to a question that people have been asking me since my channel begun: How do I remove vocals or isolate vocals in a music track?”

Mike Russell

Podcast and jingle producer; YouTuber from the Music Radio Creative channel with over 45 million views

I wish I knew about this app forever ago when I really started pursuing putting covers on YouTube, because this has been so helpful!”

Danielle Marie

Vocal coach, vocalist, and YouTuber

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