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Mike Russell

Podcast and jingle producer. YouTuber from Music Radio Creative channel with over 45 million views


Jerrod “J-Rod” Sullivan

Producer, arranger and musician


Travis Dykes

Founder of Pier Music Co. producer, arranger, bassist and teacher


State-of-the-art stem separation.

Artificial Intelligence never stops evolving. Moises AI continuously updates it's stem separation technology for the ultimate remix.

All-in-one Producer Kit

Import any audio or video and start creating. Isolate background and lead vocals from instruments. Detect the BPM, Key and Chords in any song.

AI Audio Separation

Separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and other instruments from any song. Isolate instruments or mute tracks in one 1-click.

Audio Speed Changer

Slow down or speed up any song with 1 click. The App instantly detects and displays the BPM of any song.

AI Key Detection

Learn the key signature of any song. Our Artificial Intelligence technology never stops improving in accuracy.

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Best Personal Growth App of 2021 by Google Play

Moises, the Musician’s App, was recognized in several countries as the Best App of 2021 for Personal Growth by Google Play. This category carries a powerful meaning as it embodies our core mission to “Empower Creative Potential”.

The App for the Modern Producer & DJ

Remix, remake, and shape your music with unparalleled audio extraction.

State-of-the-art Audio Technology

Moises AI offers best-in-class audio separation, continuously evolving and updating new artificial intelligence models. Stay current with the latest tech and stop waiting for upgrades of plugins and DAWs.

Detect Everything: BPM, Key, Chords

Moises AI automatically detects BPM, Song Key, and Chords in any song. Speed up your creative process, finding the right match for your productions.

The Perfect Workflow

Create samples on the go with the Mobile App, use the web version when producing on your desktop, access your tracks and harness the power of artificial intelligence from ANY device.

Cloud Storage, Secured.

Create the ultimate library and get your media secured in the cloud. No more manual backups with external hard drives.

Rockstars and Top Creators use the Moises App

I've been using Moises since the very beginning. I used the tool to extract the voice of the Brazilian Samba icon Beth Carvalho from one of her songs and used it on one of the tracks of her daughter's album, Luana Carvalho. The result was a song infused with emotion that brought extreme satisfaction to the artist.”

Alexandre Kassin

2x Latin Award-winning Music Producer

I've been working as a producer and DJ for 30 years. If I was told back then that it would be possible to separate the tracks of a song with such ease, I would never have believed it. Moises made an old dream come true, giving speed to my work, and inspiring new ideas.”

DJ Memê

DJ and Music Producer

It's really, really cool. And I don't say that lightly. It uses AI not only to isolate vocals, but also isolate the music and create karaoke tracks."

Mike Russell

Podcast and jingle producer. YouTuber from Music Radio Creative channel with over 45 million views

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