Moises AI

Discover the key. Shift the pitch of any song

Introducing the end of creative limitations. Moises App features an exclusive Pitch Changer & AI Key Detection technology. Change the pitch of ANY song!


Unleash your genius with no limits

Make it personal

No more struggle trying to reach higher notes in your practice or at a Karaoke party. Now you can express yourself by quickly shifting the original key to match your vocal range in any song.

Stop guessing chords

Change the pitch and the App will automatically display the right chords. Moises App delivers a remarkable experience for anyone who sings, plays instruments, or doesn’t have a capo.

Practice and perform

Instantly detect the song key and share it with your band members. Get everyone practicing in the same key for a stellar performance.

The end of creative limits in 3 easy steps

After editing the pitch, you can download and share individual tracks or an entire MP3 or WAV mix, among other formats.

  • STEP 1

    Choose your favorite song and upload it

    You can upload any song from your library or from any public URL. Multiple Audio and Video formats supported. Easy-peasy, right?

  • STEP 2

    See the magic happen

    Moises AI will detect the song key and chords. It will also separate the vocal and instrument tracks, and TA-DA! Like magic in action!

  • STEP 3

    Change the pitch, find your key

    Open the Pitch Changer. Dial one semitone at a time until you find a suitable key. After changing the music key, the chords will appear in real-time

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Vocal Coach

Paul Mckay

Vocal coach, operates OneVoice Music Academy.


Juan “Carlito” Mendoza

Musician, teacher and author who has been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine, DVDs and studio projects.

Vocal Coach

Zane Rima

Vocal coach and YouTuber with over 32 million views in her channel

Craft the Perfect Performance

Bend any song to your vocal range in 1-click. If you're an instrumentalist, no more trouble finding chords.

The Endless Search is Over

Stop wasting time searching for the track you need. With this feature, you can change the pitch of any song. Mute leading and background vocals at your choice, creating the right version for the perfect performance.

Transpose Chords Like Magic

Put your guitar capo to rest. Moises AI also displays the chords of any song in real-time. Save time with our magical tuning: chords will follow whenever you change the music key!

Bend the Music, not Your Voice

The game changes with our Pitch Changer! After our AI separates the instrumental and vocal tracks, you're able to change the music key with 1 click, one semitone at a time. Find the perfect key for your voice!

Produce and Remix with AI Key Detection

Save time by instantly detecting the song key to create mashups at ease. Moises AI never stops learning. Key and chord detection are constantly getting smarter.

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Everything in one place

Say goodbye to jumping between Apps for your music practice. We have all you need to master your craft right in your hand with the Moises App. Enjoy our collective set of features that will make your music experience seamless. We're constantly evolving, innovating, and updating our App. Stay tuned!

AI Audio Separation

Separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and other instruments from any song. Isolate instruments or mute tracks in 1-click.

Smart Metronome & Audio Speed Changer

Instantly generate metronome counts in sync with your favorite song, whether recorded in studio or live. Slow down or speed up any song with 1-click. The App instantly detects and displays the BPM of any song.

Chord Detection

Detect and display chords in real-time. Use the Pitch Changer to instantly transpose chords to your key of choice.

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