Instrumental maker: play and sing along with any music

Separate vocal and instrumental tracks to craft a unique sound. Our advanced AI technology puts the studio’s power in your hands, whether for practice or production.

AI-powered instrumental maker

Precise track isolation

Extract vocals, drums, bass, and more with unparalleled precision. Zero in on the sounds you need for your practice or mix.

Custom backing tracks

Bid farewell to long searches for karaoke or backing tracks. Instantly generate the track you need and sing or play along to your heart’s content.

Easy to use

Mute specific instruments, or make them shine in your mix. Create the perfect practicing or performance companion with just a few clicks.

Make your instrumental in 3 simple steps

Let Moises’ instrumental maker elevate your music manipulation game with these easy steps!

1. Choose your favorite song and upload it

You can upload any song from your library or any public URL. Multiple audio and video formats are supported. What could be simpler?

2. Choose your track isolation style

Choose how you want to split the song. Musicians on a Premium plan enjoy a wider variety than Free options, isolating up to 5 tracks. Pro plan users get all Free and Premium options, along with Hi-Fi audio separation and download.

3. Download and enjoy

Experiment with muting, soloing, or adjusting the levels of each track to create your own mix, and download the version you want!

Everything in one place

Say goodbye to jumping between Apps for your music practice. We have all you need to master your craft right in your hand with the Moises App. Enjoy our collective set of features that will make your music experience seamless. We're constantly evolving, innovating, and updating our App. Stay tuned!

AI Audio Separation

Separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and other instruments from any song. Isolate instruments or mute tracks in one click.

Smart Metronome

Instantly generate metronome counts in sync with your favorite song, whether recorded in studio or live.

Chord Detection

Quickly detect easy to advanced chords. Use the Pitch Changer to instantly transpose chords in real time to your key of choice.

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One of the most-subscribed drummers on YouTube, with over 280 million views


Mohini Dey

One of the "30 most influential young people under 30" by Forbes Magazine, she has been considered a prodigy by many musicians

Music producer

Yaahn Hunter Jr.

Artist, Producer, and Content Creator who has worked with Grammy and Stellar Award Artists

A sound laboratory for artists

Explore the full spectrum of sonic possibilities with Moises’ intuitive interface.

Recalibrate your creative process

Our intuitive tools recalibrate your workflow, streamlining the creative journey from inception to execution. Spend less time on technicalities and more on the artistry, with AI handling the nitty-gritty of track separation.

AI-enhanced learning

Zero in on the sounds that matter, experiencing clarity as you break down complex compositions.

Detail-rich tracks for deeper practice

Our dynamic algorithm is constantly advancing to deliver crisp separation, allowing you to hear and appreciate every subtle nuance. Dive deep into music's inner workings and perfect your technique like a pro.

Master the mix

Grab the creative reins with the ability to remove vocals, isolate drums, or minimize any instrument. Prepare backing tracks, have a jam session, or sing karaoke to the original band backdrop — your mix, your way.

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