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The Musician's App

Learn, practice, and perform with your own guitar backing tracks.

Take over the guitars and jam with the artists you love. Remix instruments and vocals, change the song’s key, and learn chords by playing at your pace.

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Moises, the Musician’s App, was recognized in several countries as the Best App of 2021 for Personal Growth by Google Play. This category carries a powerful meaning as it embodies our core mission to “Empower Creative Potential”.

The App for the Modern Guitarist

Keep your tracks secured in the cloud and play on mobile and desktop.

Learn the Secret to the Perfect Cover

Wondering how YouTubers and TikTokers create videos with realistic guitar backing tracks? The Moises App is used in almost all modern cover videos. Start creating today.

Your Style in Any Music

Mute the original guitar track and get creative playing your own version. Play any song in different genres and make it yours.

The Future of Practice in One Experience

Modern music practice revealed: mute original guitars, change the pitch and tempo, enable click tracks, and visualize transposed chords, all together.

Never Ending Improvements

The Moises AI continuously improves its audio quality and accuracy using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology. Get monthly updates and experience an ever-evolving app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The guitar riff is a short sequence of chords or notes that appears repeatedly sections of a song to give it structure and personality. Guitar riffs can be the predominant characteristic of songs in various styles, like rock music. Using the Moises App you can remove the original guitars from any song and practice playing over them, practicing your favorite riffs.

Guitar solos are a guitarist’s highlight moment, and they require a lot of practice and study. You can start by practicing guitar scales repeatedly. Using the Moises App, you can isolate the guitar and and decrease the BPM to better understand what is being played during the solo. Helping you to better understand what is being played.

To learn your favorite solos, you need to listen to them repeatedly with as much attention as possible. It is important to pay close attention to the details, such as the playing techniques used and the timbre chosen. With the Moises App, you can decrease the BPM during the solo to better understand what is being played. In addition, you can trim a certain section of the song and play it on a loop for better learning.