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Simplify How You Learn and Practice with New Song Sections Feature

Dramatically improve your music practice experience by learning to skillfully identify, mark, and repeat key sections of a song with our new feature.

As musicians ourselves, we feel the challenges inherent in learning and practicing new songs until we master them. For far too long, we have struggled with manually breaking down songs or grappling with learning specific sections. That's precisely why we've developed Sections—an AI-driven innovation that automatically detects and isolates different song sections, such as Intros, Verses, Choruses, and Bridges.

Moises handles the intricate task of detecting and segmenting songs into their components while you can effortlessly create loops with downbeat precision.

Sections are your tool for honing your craft by unlocking a more efficient practice experience, helping you improve faster than ever before.

The Downbeat Precision Advantage

What sets Moises apart is our unparalleled precision in synchronizing detected sections with the song's downbeat. This ensures that your practice always begins on the right beat, enhancing accuracy and ensuring a seamless practice session.

Whether you're an aspiring musician, a performer, or part of a church ensemble, Sections empower you to loop and focus on specific song portions effortlessly. This targeted approach leads to efficient practice sessions that yield remarkable skill enhancement.

Designed by Musicians, for Musicians

We comprehend the challenges musicians face while learning and practicing new songs. With Sections, we're tackling the top issues encountered:

  • Precise Practice: Musicians can now loop specific song parts with downbeat precision, ensuring they master every section.
  • Efficient Learning: Gig musicians can swiftly learn new songs by easily looping specific parts for practice and perfecting them before performances.
  • Structured Practice: Church musicians, often confronted with songs lacking clear structures, can utilize Sections to identify and loop various parts for focused practice before presentations.

Why Choose Sections for Your Practice?

Our solution is driven by the desire to save you time, simplify your practice routine, and enhance your overall experience. With Sections, you'll be able to:

  • Save time by eliminating the need to identify song sections manually.
  • Achieve more precise and accurate loops for focused practice sessions.
  • Effortlessly enhance your skills through streamlined and efficient practice.
  • Boost your performance confidence through better preparation.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It. Hear What Users Are Saying:

"I practice a lot, and it is useful—thanks for continually providing fantastic improvements." - Musician from the United Kingdom

"Good for training." - Musician from Denmark

"It's an extraordinary tool to understand how music is arranged and produced." - Musician from Spain

"Speeds things up, very helpful." - Musician from New Zealand

Achieve Your Musical Excellence Across All Devices

Moises' Sections is your gateway to a more effective and enjoyable music practice journey. Leave behind the days of manual note-taking and imprecise looping. Embrace the future of music practice, where technology takes care of the song's structure, allowing you to immerse yourself in perfecting your craft.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your practice sessions—experience Moises' Sections on the Web App, Desktop App, or Moises App on iOS and Android devices today. Your evolution into a musical goal starts now.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Moises Premium

To further enrich your experience, we offer a Premium version of Sections. Premium users can effortlessly identify and loop sections of all the songs in their library without limitations.

By upgrading your subscription, you're not only investing in your passion but also empowering your musical journey. The Moises Premium is purposefully designed to bolster your growth and facilitate the process of learning and perfecting every song in your repertoire.

Sign up for Premium now!

Alziro Braga

VP of Product at Moises

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