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Moises Music App is Now Available in 175 countries

Discover the news and all the features available in the Moises App.

The Moises AI Platform empowers music enthusiasts and professionals to achieve their full creative potential. The web version already reached 1 Million users, and its mobile app is now available globally in the App Store and Google Play store.

The iOS and Android release will transform the experience of students, amateur and professional musicians, with exclusive features created for an enhanced mobile experience.

The Moises Music App, which was available only in Brazil, is now released to over 175 countries worldwide.

Moises Music App

The mobile App has features similar to its web version, such as AI Audio Separation. The software can separate audio tracks between vocals and individual instruments such as drums, guitar, keys, and more.

Free users can process tracks up to 5 media files of 5 minutes length per month. Processed tracks are accessible for 3 days, after this period, access to the track expires.

Premium users have unlimited uploads of files up to 20 minutes of duration. The audio files can be downloaded or exported in MP3 or WAV format (for Premium subscribers).

The app has exclusive modes such as Playback Speed, Pitch Changer, and Smart Metronome - providing more dynamism and autonomy to users.


Exclusive Moises App Features

Control the music BPM

The new Playback Speed feature is responsible for adjusting in real time the speed of the track. Users can speed up or slow down the audio without losing quality or distorting the original tone of the track.

Find the perfect pitch for you

Another novelty in the application is the Pitch Changer function, where it is possible to transpose any song, reaching lower or higher tones. It is an extremely useful feature for vocalist users, for example, who can experience the song in different keys and find the ideal match for their vocal range.

Improve your groove playing in sync

Moises also brings a Smart Metronome, where the artificial intelligence identifies the beats of the music and automatically generates a click track that plays in sync. The tool complements the user experience taking music practice to an unprecedented level, matching the click track even when the song tempo changes.

Play along with artists you love

Another feature is the possibility to follow the chords of any song in real-time. The platform automatically identifies all chords of the track and displays in sync with the music progress. Chords are automatically transposed when the user changes the pitch.

Users can split their tracks and save them to listen in off-line mode, even when they're not connected to the internet.

Similar to the web version, it is possible to have a free account or become a Premium user. When subscribing to the plan, you will be able to use exclusive features, such as:

  • Unlimited file uploading and processing
  • Access to all speed options
  • Access to all tone change options
  • Download in WAV and MP3
  • Files up to 20 minutes long
  • And more!

By using these tools, you can create files to create covers, playbacks, karaoke, and other infinite possibilities. Moises transforms the way people relate to music, making the moment more fun and productive.

Through artificial intelligence, the mobile app aims to innovate and provide new perspectives for fans and workers in the recording industry.

Download the Moises music app and discover a new way to produce and enhance your music!

About Moises

The platform created by Geraldo Ramos, a brazilian developer, is capable of separating the instrumental and vocal tracks from an audio file through artificial intelligence. In addition, still using AI, it is possible to master music tracks, generating studio quality tracks.

With efficiency and agility, the software generates audio files ready to be used in different places and devices, such as concert halls, covers, presentations, karaoke, music classes, among other possibilities.

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises

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