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Moises Jam Sessions: Join Jordan Rudess for a lifetime of Premium Subscription

A dream collab with Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess, Moises’ new contest is here to shake up February. Let’s make some noise online — quite literally.

Imagine having purchase-free, unlimited access to Moises’ Premium features… forever. Newsflash: it’s within your reach.

Dream Theater’s famous keyboardist, Jordan Rudess, has teamed up with Moises on a special mission. He has created an exclusive song for Moises Jam Sessions, and we want to hear your version of it.

What we need from you is a social media account and a desire to make waves in the Moises community. Meanwhile, you get to showcase your art while standing a chance to win lifetime access to Moises Premium — besides sharing the spotlight with a legend.

Stay tuned to find out more!

What is Moises Jam Sessions?

Jam Sessions is a skill-based contest presented by Moises Systems Inc. (Music AI). This initiative unfolds across two vibrant social media stages: Instagram and TikTok.

The event aims to:

  1. Amp up Moises’ presence in the online music community;
  2. Give talented musicians some well-deserved spotlight;
  3. Reward the winner with lifetime Premium access to Moises.

How to participate

Ready to put your stamp on Jordan Rudess’ Embers? You’ll find the song on the Jam Sessions Setlist, in the Moises App, with the stems already fully separated. This way, you can use any original elements you want.

You can remix, play instruments, sing, or whatever your creativity asks for. What matters is to imprint your identity and make your version stand out.

Here’s how to join the contest:

  1. Craft your rendition of Embers and share it in a video on Instagram or TikTok. Whether it's a cover, a remix, or something entirely new, the stage is yours;
  2. Tag your post with the official contest hashtag, #MoisesJamsContest, so we can track your entry.


Tip: Aim for at least 15 seconds for your video to give us enough material to evaluate. But the length is up to you, really. Just focus on delivering a high-quality performance, and you’re good.

Feel free to submit multiple entries if you want, as long as each one is a unique version (so no spamming, alright?). Remember to make sure all versions follow the contest rules.

What are the judging criteria?

Our judges will narrow down the entries to 10–20 finalists, and Jordan Rudess himself will choose the final winner.

The judges will use 5 equally weighted evaluative criteria. You can learn about them below.

1. Creativity (20%)

Your entry should be a breath of fresh air. We look for unique and inventive takes on the original composition.

2. Sound quality (20%)

We're listening for entries that hit the right notes with clear, high-fidelity audio.

3. Video quality (20%)

Make your video clear, original, and effective, whatever form it takes. Be it a personal performance or interesting imagery, ensure the visuals are neat and complement the music.

4. Moises usability (20%)

You can really impress us by making good use of Moises’ features in your creation. So keep that in mind!

5. Overall impact (20%)

We’re looking for renditions that move us. So try something that leaves a lasting impact both technically and emotionally.

What other rules should you know about?

Now that you've geared up for two exciting weeks let's dive into some fine print. Below are some essential rules to help everyone hit the right notes.


Circle the dates from February 1st to February 15th, 2024. Whether a Thursday feels like a prelude or a grand finale to you, the stage is set for two whole weeks. Day one starts counting at midnight (12 a.m. MST). Then, uploads with #MoisesJamsContest are valid until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday the 15th.

Minimum age

Are you 13 or older? Then you’re welcome to join the contest. But, if you’re a minor, ensure your parents or guardians are okay with your entry.


Except for Moises, we ask you to keep the video free from any brands. Plus, make sure anyone featured is cool with it and over 18. But, if the contestant is under 18 and the legal guardians agree, they can appear.

Keep it tame and original, achieving something you’d be proud to share with the world. That way, we’ll probably like it too!


While music transcends boundaries, Moises has to respect them. So the contest is invalid wherever it runs into legal barriers. Other than that, you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Who’s ineligible?

Think of our contest as an exclusive gig where some people already have all-access passes. Specifically, the talented people who make Moises tick can’t join in on this contest. This also applies to their families and partners.

That said, the stage is set for our fans and users, not insiders who help raise the curtains. So, if you’re not on the Moises payroll or closely linked to those who are, grab your mic: it’s your time to shine.

The prize and the winner announcement

Moises Jam Sessions can be your lifetime pass to a complete musician's toolbox, revolutionizing your creative workflow. The Premium Plan includes:

  • Unlimited and quicker music uploads to play around with tracks as you wish;
  • AI Audio Separation beyond the basics, also isolating background vocals, guitar, piano, and strings;
  • Fully unlocked smart metronome and real-time chord detection;
  • Unrestricted bpm changes to set your own pace;
  • Unlimited song key changes to reach the perfect pitch for you;
  • Real-time lyrics transcription;
  • AI-detected Sections to loop specific song parts for targeted practice.

Wondering about the results? The grand reveal will take center stage about 15 days after the contest wraps up. That means you can expect to hear from us by the end of February or the beginning of March.

Stay active on social media and keep an eye on your inbox — we may slide into your DMs with great news.

#MoisesJamsContest is here!

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