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Moises iPad App: A New Way to Play Live

When rehearsing or playing live, there is no room for small screens. Using the new iPad App in landscape view gives you more control and accuracy. Learn more about our newest addition!

Musician playing with Moises for iPad

A few months ago, we noticed something interesting: several users had downloaded Moises App for iPhone on their iPads. Oh boy, what is going on? So, as usual, we contacted our users to talk about music and their needs, and guess what we discovered? Some musicians needed a bigger screen. Who doesn't?

We started our effort to deliver a great experience on the iPad, and our UX/UI team didn't rest until they achieved it. Any great app grows with the users' feedback, and because of you, the musicians in our community, the Moises iPad App was born.

The first musician to use Moises App on an iPad was the great Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater's keyboardist, and Moises Ambassador. With this phenomenal musician teaching us about stage needs, we thought of the iPad App for those who want to play live and rehearse when it's vital you cannot miss one single detail. We understood that visibility is critical for gear and apps used on stage.

“If you want a REAL challenge, try changing the key up a step and play the song transposed! The Chord display will really help you in this case” Jordan Rudess

[Blog] Intern Image Jordan Rudes 2.jpg

At the NAMM Show 2022, Jordan performed using Moises App for a crowd and mesmerized them. The possibility of playing along with Elton John's songs without a band was the highlight of the demo.

Meet the iPad App

More visibility of your actions, more control of your performance

And how can musicians get the maximum out of Moises App on iPad? Well, it is perfect for those who need more visibility of faders, more comfort to manipulate the app on a bigger screen (avoiding errors), and want that "PRO feeling" usually felt when we use professional gear.

Moises for iPad - Shorter.gif

The Moises App on your cellphone is perfect for creating and practicing on the go, in your home studio, or living room. “This cozy environment is excellent for learning.”

But, when you are rehearsing, there is no room for small screens. When you are live on stage, mistakes are never welcome. Using the new iPad App in landscape view gives even more control and accuracy to musicians.

Meet the iPad App

What's new lately?

Moises is constantly getting smarter, and we have launched quite a few updates this year! We are continually looking for new and innovative ways to make the super technical super approachable, and we have big plans for the following months.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises

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