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Meet Moises' New Music Project: In The Spotlight | South America Edition!

The first edition of the music project will feature 9 artists from 4 different South American countries. Learn more about it!

Moises has always had one of its main aspirations be the creative empowerment of musicians, artists, and music producers, whether amateur or professional ones. We seek to offer simple tools and easy solutions so that everyone can achieve their musical goals with mastery.

One of the best ways to get creative inspiration is by searching for references to what is being done and produced. The more we research and become interested in knowing new things, the more motivation and ideas arise in our heads. Valuing and encouraging artists is a way to foster high-level music production around the world.

New bands, new artists, and new ideas emerge all the time on every corner of the planet, in the most diverse forms of expression. This is how the first edition of the music project In The Spotlight: South America Edition came about!

4 Countries, 9 Artists, 1 Stage

Featuring artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, In the Spotlight: South America Edition will host a unique series of episodes up to 25 minutes each. The idea is to take forward the musicality so characteristic of South America so that more people can get to know the diversity each artist carries within their performances.

Esteban Tavares

Esteban Tavares is a Brazilian bassist, guitarist, singer, composer, drummer, and pianist. He was the first artist to perform in the project, and is already available for you to check out!

Agua Florida

The amazing Argentinian band, Agua Florida, was the second chosen to be part of In The Spotlight. From Buenos Aires, they are inspired by popular Latin American music playing a young, electronic pop rhythm.

Toni Silva

Directly from Paraíba in northeastern Brazil, Toni Silva- music producer, musician, and music teacher, explores diverse rhythms such as jazz, regional music, and other Afro-Brazilian refinements. Don’t miss it!

Bella Álvarez

Diretamente de Medellín: Bella Álvarez, cantora e compositora colombiana! Ela iniciou o processo de criação musical desde muito jovem, e em 2014 começou a compor suas primeiras canções, que mais tarde se tornaria seu primeiro EP intitulado 'Hortalizas y Flores' (2019). Quer saber mais sobre a artista e ouvir suas músicas? Então não perca tempo e assista a apresentação intimista e cheia de emoção!

Glue Trip

Looking for a psychedelic pop band? Meet Glue Trip, from the Brazilian sea breeze of João Pessoa to the world! The musical project started as experimental and is now considered one of the national music scene's most creative and original bets. Don't miss their fantastic performance!


Combining the classic and the modern, the vintage and the contemporary, the analog and the digital, ladies and gents: 1915! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, they bring a fresh sound to the new generation of the local rock scene - and you can already check their outstanding performance!


All the other episodes will be published exclusively on our YouTube channel, so follow us and subscribe! And don't forget to set a reminder for new episodes to come!

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises

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