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A Harmonious Collaboration: Moises Joins Forces with Berklee Online

Moises has partnered with Berklee Online, the online extension of Berklee College of Music. This collaboration enhances students' learning experiences by providing access to the latest AI technologies in music production and analysis.

Facade of Berklee College of Music

In an exciting development for the world of music education, Moises has forged a partnership with Berklee Online, the online extension of Berklee College of Music, one of the most prestigious music institutions in the world. This collaboration promises to enhance the learning experience for Berklee Online students by integrating Moises' cutting-edge AI Music Player into their courses, providing access to the latest AI technologies in music production and analysis.

Geraldo Ramos, CEO of Moises, expressed his enthusiasm for this joint venture, stating:

"Partnering with Berklee Online is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase how complementary AI technology can assist the next generation of musicians. AI technology is finding its way into the lives of musicians all over the world. Our ability to partner with such a prestigious institution to enable students to learn and leverage new tech capabilities is a true honor for the Moises team."

The Moises platform has already gained traction among Berklee College of Music students and professors, who have experienced its substantial benefits firsthand during practice and learning sessions. One such advocate, Berklee Bass Department Professor Daniel Morris, has been instrumental in guiding Moises' development by working closely with their product team and offering valuable insights and suggestions.

This partnership paves the way for Moises to extend its influence into the education sector and establish itself as the premier AI-driven solution for music practice and production. Through the introduction of a new widget, Berklee professors can now seamlessly integrate Moises' myriad functionalities into their online courses, granting students convenient access to these innovative tools alongside their course materials.

In my personal experience as an on-campus Berklee student, I can already see the widespread usage and popularity of Moises for a whole variety of reasons. In my own experience, Moises has been an invaluable tool for the performance-based curriculum. The ability to isolate tracks and slow them down to catch every last note is a serious game-changer when transcribing or simply learning. On-campus Berklee students have already embraced Moises for various purposes, from enhancing their performance-based curriculum to facilitating content creation on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Berklee student Dylan Tamaroff, for instance, has found immense value in using Moises daily for learning and content creation. He shares, "I use the app probably around twice a day. For learning songs for my private instruction, recital preparation, or even just for fun." He further testified that since he began using the app around three years ago, his musicianship has increased exponentially; "For classes like ear training and harmony… I'd say Moises has definitely helped me improve."

Beyond just practice, I have also personally witnessed Moises used as a tool for sampling and production via downloading individual instrumental stems through the player after putting it through track separation.

As the partnership between Moises and Berklee continues to flourish, both entities benefit from exchanging feedback. In unison, they are revolutionizing music education and empowering the modern music student.

Richie Noyes

A bassist at Berklee College of Music, Richie has been playing electric and upright bass since the age of 6 and enjoys all styles of music, with a particular focus on latin, jazz, and R&B.

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