4 Tips for Sharing Your Music and Building a Fanbase on Social Media

Let’s face it, social media is the go-to place where musicians can share their music, connect with others, and build an ever-growing fanbase. But using social media to your advantage as a musician can be daunting. Here are 4 tips that you can use right now to reach new fans and new levels in your music career. Let’s go!

There was a time when if you wanted to share your music with the world, you needed to be signed by a record label and then hire a very expensive promotional team. Those days are over. Today, you can share your music and your story with millions of people all over the world just by turning on your phone and making a video.

Even though it’s never been easier to share your music and build a fanbase by using social media, there are still many things to keep in mind towards getting your music to people who want to hear it. Below are 4 tips you can use to grow your fanbase and achieve new levels of success.

1. Spread the Love - Cross Post Your Videos

Today, everyone has their favorite social media platform - be it TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube to name a few. But when trying to build a fanbase, you’re doing yourself (and your potential new fans) a huge disservice by sticking to only one platform. Cross-posting the same video across many platforms will save you tons of time and energy and it will introduce your music to a slew of new listeners.

Instead of making a new video for each and every platform, simply cross-post one video across many separate platforms and let the views roll in. And now, with all of that extra time on your hands, you can get back to the good stuff - making music and honing your craft.

Also, cross-posting your content will inevitably lead to more exposure. You will get more ears and eyes on your musical project the more channels you put it on. You never know on which platform your content might pop off, so it’s best to put it everywhere you can!

2. What’s Old is New - Repost your Videos

Not only should you cross-post your content, but to ensure you are reaching all your potential new fans and followers, you can’t be afraid to repost the same video repeatedly as well.

We know, it can sound embarrassing to saturate your feed with the same exact video. But the truth is, every time you post a new video, only a tiny fraction of people actually see it. That’s just the way the algorithm works. Our advice: get over the initial cringe and post that video again. And again! Each time you repost older content, you give yourself the opportunity to reach brand-new listeners.

When you start posting older content, you do want to be thoughtful about the videos you choose. Be sure to choose videos that you’re proud of that maybe didn’t get the traction they deserved the first time around. Many artists who have had their content go viral (in the millions of views and likes) claim that it was their persistence and dedication towards reposting that ultimately led to their viral success. It may not be until the third, fourth, or even tenth repost when a video finally catches on and blows up.

3. Catch Yourself in the Act

Many musicians complain that they just don’t have the time or the energy to create content for social media. They’d rather be using that time making music. It’s a fair argument, but one that can be easily solved with some ingenuity.

The next time you sit down to practice, write, record, edit, or produce, set up your camera and capture the moment. Catch yourself in the act of doing what you love and make that the content you share with the world.

As music fans ourselves, we know how exciting it can be when we are allowed a peek at how the music we love is made. From jam sessions with bandmates to lyric writing, acoustic sketches to production insights and pointers, the work you're already doing as a musician is perfect material for your social media feed.

So instead of wracking your brain to think of content or trying to make a video that feels awkward or disingenuous, just make videos that showcase what you’re already doing - making music.


4. Elevate Your Performance Videos

As a musician on social media, it goes without saying that at least some of your content should be performance-based. To attract new fans, you’ll need to show them just what makes you special as a musician and performer, even if it’s in small snippets or stripped-down arrangements.

When making a performance video, high sound quality is essential for making your content as engaging and professional sounding as possible.

One way to ensure great-sounding videos is to use high-quality equipment. While you don’t need the most state-of-the-art gear, investing in a top-grade microphone will do wonders for the sound quality of your videos. A condenser or dynamic microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern can be a great choice for capturing vocals or instruments. If possible, use an external microphone instead of relying on your device's built-in microphone.

Another way to ensure high-quality sound is to perform in a space with limited noise. Reducing background noise in your videos allows your voice and instrumentation to shine truly. Close doors and windows and shut off fans and air conditioners to eliminate as many transient sounds as possible.

If you are using recording equipment to make your videos such as an audio interface or a DAW (digital audio workstation), also be sure to optimize your recording settings. Adjust as needed to lower or boost the signal to capture your performance without it being too quiet or clipping and distorting from being too loud.

Lastly, you can utilize the Moises App to elevate your performance videos. Use the AI Audio Separation feature to showcase certain elements of your song that you can then perform to. If you isolate the drums and bass, for example, you can show off your guitar-playing skills over the top. Or if you isolate the guitar track, you now have the perfect background accompaniment to sing to.

Now Get Posting

The very best thing you can do when it comes to building a fanbase on social media is to post. Record yourself making music, talking about your music, and sharing your passions with the world. Find out what works best for you and what connects with your fans. And use these tips on your journey to build the fan base of your dreams!

Written by Jesse Stanford, Company Cue

Guest Author

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