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The Moises AI all-in-one experience empowers singers around the globe to reach their maximum creative potential. You can adjust the pitch and tempo of any song to suit your vocal style better. Make any music perfect for your voice.

Best Personal Growth App of 2021 by Google Play

Moises, the Musician’s App, was recognized in several countries as the Best App of 2021 for Personal Growth by Google Play. This category carries a powerful meaning as it embodies our core mission to “Empower Creative Potential”.

Make it engaging

Discover the ultimate immersive experience powered by AI. Everything that students and teachers need for their journey without being distracted. Open the path of innovation for your students and give them the best-in-class audio quality for their practice and learning.

Make it fun

No more boring classes. Create playlists for different classes, levels, and music styles. Your students will be able to play along with their favorite artists in any key at any speed. Removing or isolating vocals and instruments from any song to learn their nuances.

Make it personal

Free your students from feeling boxed in because you can't personalize their learnings. With the Moises App, you can provide a tailor-made practice focused on the student's instrument and their favorite music.

More than an app: a music partner.

Your private library accessible from any device, stored securely in the cloud.


Access the future of music practice
with the Moises App.

Unleash your creativity by playing along with your favorite artists.
There are no limits when you practice and create with the Moises App.

AI Audio Separation

Play along with your music.

Easily separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, keys, and other instruments in any song. Isolate instruments or mute tracks in one click.

Smart Metronome & Audio Speed Changer

Practice at your own pace.
Find your groove in our app!

Instantly generate click tracks that are in sync with any song. Slow down or speed up with one click. Moises automatically detects and displays the BPM.

Pitch Changer & AI Key Detection

The end of creative limitation.

Control and change the key with one click. Shift the pitch to meet your vocal range or play in any key without a capo. Learn the key signature of any song.

Chord Detection

Master your craft playing the music you love.

Detect and display chords in real time. Use the Pitch Changer to instantly transpose chords to the key of your choice for any song.

Rockstars and Top Creators use the Moises App

"In isolating vocals, you're picking up the details that you didn't pick up on before. Such a great learning tool."

Paul MckayVocal coach, operates OneVoice Music Academy

"This app provides me the answer to a question that people have been asking me since my channel begun: How do I remove vocals or isolate vocals in a music track?"

Mike RussellPodcast and jingle producer; YouTuber from the Music Radio Creative channel with over 60 million views

"I wish I knew about this app forever ago when I really started pursuing putting covers on YouTube, because this has been so helpful!"

Danielle MarieVocal coach, vocalist, and YouTuber

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