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The Musician's App

State-of-the-art stem separation: revolutionizing music making software.

All-in-one Producer Kit

Import any audio or video and start creating. Isolate background and lead vocals from instruments. Detect the BPM, key and chords in any song.

AI Audio Separation

Separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and other instruments from any song. Isolate instruments or mute tracks in one click.

Audio Speed Changer

Slow down or speed up any song with one click. The App instantly detects and displays the BPM of any song.

AI Key Detection

Learn the key of any song. Our Artificial Intelligence technology never stops improving in accuracy.

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Best Personal Growth App of 2021 by Google Play

Moises, the Musician’s App, was recognized in several countries as the Best App of 2021 for Personal Growth by Google Play. This category carries a powerful meaning as it embodies our core mission to “Empower Creative Potential”.

The App for the Modern Producer and DJ

Remix, remake, and shape your music with unparalleled audio extraction.

State-of-the-art Audio Technology

The Moises AI offers best-in-class audio separation, and continuously evolves and updates with new artificial intelligence models. Stay current with the latest tech and stop waiting for upgrades of plugins and DAWs.

Detect Everything: BPM, Key, Chords

The Moises AI automatically detects the BPM, key, and chords in any song. Speed up your creative process by finding the right match for your productions.

The Perfect Workflow

Create samples on the go with the mobile app or use the web version when producing on your desktop. Access your tracks and harness the power of Artificial Intelligence from ANY device.

Cloud Storage, Secured

Create the ultimate library and secure your media in the cloud—no more manual backups with external hard drives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sampling is easily described as taking a part of sound from an audio track. With the Moises App, the process is super simple! After you separate the instrumental and vocal tracks, just use the shortcut menu to extract samples from any vocal or instrumental isolated track, or from your personalized mix.

There are several ways to remix a song, such as chopping up the vocals in a particular manner, altering the volumes of instruments, and manipulating the groove or the pitch. Ultimately, a remix is a song that is remade by handling and re-creating the song's audio. Making use of the cutting-edge features available in the Moises App, you can remix songs very easily with your fingertip.

With the Moises App, it's very simple: just mute all instruments after separating the instrumental and vocal tracks. You can then download it to create your remixes or to handle the acapella extraction as you please.

At, select the background vocals separation. It will detach the lead vocals from the background vocals and keep instruments in a dedicated track. The end result is a 3-stem separation.