Explore all the possibilities that Moises offers

Whether a music professional or an enthusiast, Moises is a fantastic tool to elevate your practice or performance.

Worship teams

Upgrade your ministry with Moises, the go-to app for worship songs and teams. Practice tools, AI-powered features, and all you need to lead with confidence.


Discover the best music making software for beginners and professionals alike. Create, edit, and produce stunning tracks with ease using Moises features.


Moises is the perfect App for Music Teachers. It empowers innovative teachers, by helping students in their personal growth journey to learn and practice music making it easier, quick, and fun.


Discover why Grammy Award-winning producers trust Moises for their music creation. Enhance production workflow with AI-powered voice models, Hi-Fi stem separation, and our VST plugins for the DAW.


Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, create bass backing tracks with ease. Change the song’s key or speed and master your craft in an immersive bass experience for musicians, producers, and enthusiasts.


Practice your vocal skills and sing along with artists you love. Effortlessly isolate or remove vocals, sing with the transcribed lyrics, change the song's key and improve your singing with the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Separate Lead from Rhythm Guitar, as well as Acoustic from Electric Guitar. Play and practice with your favorite artists, and create your own arrangements from any song!


Play along with your favorite artists with no distractions. Discover our Smart Metronome and experience a seamless integration of drumless tracks and click tracks in sync with any studio or live recording.