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Guitars Unleashed: 30% Off to De-Fret Your Budget

From April 12 to 21, enjoy a 30% discount on Moises Premium for full guitar mastery. Monthly or yearly — it’s your call.

Up your guitar game,
lower the pay.

Low-cost, full access to AI features designed with you in mind.

Unleashed Guitar Isolation

Get unlimited uploads, faster processing, and premium separation options — including a 5-track version featuring the isolated guitar track.

Unlimited Smart Metronome

Stay on tempo and boost your timing instincts with synchronized full-song click tracks.

Unlimited Chord Detection

Instantly unlock a song’s chord progressions, displayed live so you can easily play along.

Unlimited Pitch Changer

Transpose any track to match your tuning needs or preferences — no semitone limits.

Unlimited Audio Speed Changer

Enjoy limitless bpm adjustments and practice at your pace without affecting the pitch.

Unlimited Sections

Let the AI identify all song parts and have any of them looped for targeted practice.

Extended Count-Ins

Customize your count-ins for song starts or tricky sections with up to 16 clicks, ensuring you’re in sync from the get-go.

Celebrate Guitar Month…
Going Premium for 30% less!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to the band or making a comeback, Guitars Unleashed is for you. The campaign caters to both: free users who've never upgraded and past Premium members now on a free account. So, if you don't have an active subscription, grab this chance for a 30% discount on Moises Premium!

The Guitars Unleashed discount is exclusively available for Moises Premium on both monthly and annual billing periods — it’s your choice. Please note that the 30% discount does not apply to Moises Pro.

The campaign runs from April 12 (Friday) to the end of April 21 (Sunday). But watch for the timezone: we’re operating in MST!

Those with an active paid subscription are not eligible. In this case, participating may be possible by canceling the subscription and re-subscribing for Premium. However, the old subscription’s period must end within the Guitars Unleashed timeframe.

Officially, no. As mentioned, the only way is to cancel your active subscription, ensuring it ends in time for the new promotional Premium monthly or annual subscription.

The promotion is valid across all platforms, including the App Store, Google Play Store, and our website. No coupon code is required.

Tune Up for Guitar Month
Only until April 21!


Guitars Unleashed is a Moises campaign that offers a 30% discount on the Premium plan for both available billing options: monthly and annual.

Promotion launch: April 12, 2024 (MST).
Promotion expiry: end of April 21, 2024 (MST).
Eligibility: Open to all users with a free account, including new and returning customers.

  1. Only the Premium plan is included in this promotion (Moises Pro is not included).
  2. Current subscribers with an active Premium or Pro account are not eligible.
  3. The promotion does not directly support switching billing periods from annual to monthly or monthly to annual.

Additional notes:
Subscribers who cancel and let their subscription expire within the promotion period can avail of a promotional Premium subscription if they re-subscribe during Guitars Unleashed. The same applies to those who wish to switch billing periods. Keep in mind that this is an optional process.