Moises’ real-time Guitar Chord Finder: Play with confidence

Instantly see chord progressions for any song, effortlessly learn new arrangements, and match your practice pace with real-time detection and transposition. Guitar Chord Finder simplifies your learning and elevates your musical experience by adjusting to guitarists at all levels.

Jam along to any song with Guitar Chord Finder

Master songs faster

Take the fast lane to learning new songs. Our AI quickly finds and displays chords, adjusting to 3 different difficulty levels. You can move through easy, medium, and advanced.

Match any key changes flawlessly

Changing the key to match your guitar tuning or your voice range? Our Guitar Chord Finder reacts in real-time. Experience seamless transitions that ensure you’re always strumming the right chords.

Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to seamless teamwork

Forge a perfect partnership between your musical intuition and our AI’s capabilities. With Moises, it’s never about guessing—it’s about harmonizing efforts to hit every note confidently.

Experience the Guitar Chord Finder in 4 simple steps

Finding out a song’s chords has never been easier.

1. Choose your favorite song and upload it

Start off by loading your chosen song into the app. Whether you pull it directly from your gadget, drag it from your desktop, or snag it from a public URL, we have you covered. The supported file types are MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, MP4, MOV, and WMA.

2. Choose your separation style and proceed

Select your preferred track isolation method. Then, give our AI a brief moment to analyze and separate the tracks for you before opening the newly separated song.

3. Have the chords displayed to you

If you are on the web or desktop version of the Moises app, click the chords button next to the player. On mobile, chord names will instantly be displayed at the top.

4. Make your adjustments and enjoy

Tailor your experience by selecting chord difficulty levels from easy to advanced. You can also experiment with key or tempo changes and muting specific tracks. Once you have your perfect setup, you can listen to it and play along all you want—on the app or after downloading your version.

Everything in one place

Say goodbye to jumping between Apps for your music practice. We have all you need to master your craft right in your hand with the Moises App. Enjoy our collective set of features that will make your music experience seamless. We're constantly evolving, innovating, and updating our App. Stay tuned!

AI Audio Separation

Separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and other instruments from any song. Isolate instruments or mute tracks in one click.

Pitch Changer

Slow down or speed up any song with one click, without compromising the pitch.

Audio Speed Changer

Pair with our Smart Metronome for constant tempo feedback. Together with the Speed Changer, establish flawless timing and rhythm in your music.

Practice smarter, not harder: pair up with Moises!

Professional guitarists use the Moises App

Marty Music

One of the most-subscribed guitarists on YouTube, with over 720 million views

Sean Daniel

Guitarist, educator, and content creator with over 80 million views on YouTube

Sped Spedding

Guitarist, educator and content creator with over 30 million views on YouTube

The best chord detection in the market

Easy chord recognition is at your fingertips. Harness cutting-edge AI that deciphers music with unmatched precision.

Easy-flowing chord reading

Embrace fluid, intuitive chord visualization tailored to enhance your understanding and performance of each song.

Ear training, on point

Take your chord recognition skills to the next level. The Guitar Chord Finder can be like an ear training coach, pushing you to fine-tune your skills and develop your musicianship.

Chord diagrams on web and desktop

Moises’ web and desktop versions display the chord diagrams in sync with the songs, turning them into understandable, playable music pieces for guitarists at different skill levels.

Never-ending improvement and innovation

Our pledge is to relentlessly push the boundaries of music technology. Expect continuous (r)evolution with regular rollouts of new features and enhancements designed to amplify your musical experience.

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