Explore all Moises features

Unlock your creative potential with features designed to revolutionize how you create, practice, and produce music.

Guitar chord finder

Instantly see chord progressions for any song, effortlessly learn new arrangements, and match your practice pace with real-time detection and transposition. Guitar Chord Finder simplifies your learning and elevates your musical experience by adjusting to guitarists at all levels.

Vocal Stems Isolation

Moises lets you isolate vocal stems from any song. You can mute the voice track for karaoke or listen to a clean voice-only version for closer study.

Music cutter

Discover ultimate control over your music with Moises’ music cutter—trim and loop song parts for focused, efficient practice sessions.

Instrumental maker

Effortlessly separate, mute, or download any instrument or vocals from your favorite music with Moises’ Instrumental Maker.

Audio Speed Changer

Master your practice sessions with Moises' AI Audio Speed Changer. Slow down or speed up audio, adjusting the tempo in real time.

Key Detector

Streamline your music analysis with Moises’ AI Song Key Detector. Swiftly and precisely identify any song’s key — no musical theory required.

Collaborative Setlist

Keeps bands in sync with a single shared setlist, makes it easy for producers and artists to share creative ideas, and enables efficient collaboration between music teachers and students.

Stems Plugin

Create high-quality samples with AI-powered audio separation directly from your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Save precious time and optimize your studio routine with our innovative VST plugin.

Voice Studio

The easiest way to access high-quality voices from real artists for your music projects. Moises’ ethical approach ensures the artist gets paid while you get the creative freedom you need.

Song Sections

The Sections feature identifies and separates the most important parts of the song - intro, verse, chorus, and bridge - so you can practice masterfully.

Song Key Finder

Struggling to identify a song's key? Our song key finder swiftly and accurately determines it for you. Try it now!

BPM Finder

Our cutting-edge technology will enable you to tap into the unique cadence of any song flawlessly.

AI Lyrics Transcription

Our AI feature transforms songwriting and vocal practice by accurately transcribing lyrics in multiple languages and syncing them precisely, making it simpler and more efficient for musical exploration and practice.

Lyric Writer

Keep your inspiration flowing with the ultimate lyric-writing sidekick that tailors line and rhyme suggestions to your own ideas. Lyric Writer is a tireless co-writing buddy who goes beyond a rigid AI lyric generator, allowing you to express your creativity like never before.

Chord Finder

Enhance your musical knowledge and elevate your playing experience with Chord Detection. The intuitive chord finder identifies chords in real-time in any song, making learning, practicing, and even creating new arrangements effortlessly.

Pitch Changer

Customize your audio in a few clicks with Pitch Changer feature. Utilize the advanced pitch shifter to effortlessly transform the key of your music or vocals, unlock new creative possibilities, and improve your practice sessions.

Metronome Online

Meet the world's first Smart Metronome online! Boost your practice by setting the BPM, time signature, and accents for a personalized beat.

Vocal Remover

Experience Moises' vocal remover feature: effortlessly separate vocals and create stunning instrumental tracks in a snap.