Moises AI

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AI Audio Separation

Have access to unlimited song processing, unlock up to 5 track separation. Process long duration files (up to 20 minutes).

Smart Metronome Unlocked

Instantly generate metronome counts in sync with your favorite song, not just for the first minute but for the entire piece, whether recorded in studio or live.

Audio Speed Changer Unlocked

Experience the Speed Changer without limitations. Slow down or speed up any song with 1-click. The App instantly detects and displays the BPM of any song.

Pitch Changer Unlocked

Unlock up to 12 semitones. Control and change the music key with 1-click. Shift the pitch to meet your vocal range or to play in any key without a capo.

Unlimited Chord Detection

Detects and displays chords in real-time without limitations. Use the Pitch Changer to instantly transpose chords to your key of choice.

Cloud Storage

Keep your media secured in the cloud. Access your tracks from any device.

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Rockstars and Top Creators use Moises App

It is a product that I have waited for my whole life. It would have made my life a lot easier if Moises had been around for 15, 10 years.”

Eloy Casagrande

Sepultura's Drummer and Modern Drummer 2021 Best Metal Drummer.

Be able to do it on my phone and remove the drums this effectively without destroying the rest of the song blows my mind!"


Drummer, one of the most subscribed drummers on YouTube with over 280 million views.

This app is a beast! Is the perfect tool to use if you trying to practice, learn music and produce, especially remixes and live arrangements"

Jerrod “J-Rod” Sullivan

Drummer and producer.

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“It’s not often we come across an app that makes the super technical, super approachable. Moises manages just this, letting you manipulate music tracks with ease, whether you’re a producer, music student, or karaoke lover, look to Moises to work on your tunes.”

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