How to Separate Music Tracks Online for Free

Separating audio tracks online can be fast, easy, and free! Find out how to do this using Moises.

Separating voice or instruments from music can be a quick, easy and efficient process since it is performed by a platform capable of delivering satisfactory results.

Contrary to what many people think, some apps and platforms offer the service in a free and straightforward way without installing complex audio editing programs.

By separating the audio tracks online, it is possible to create karaoke tracks, isolate an instrument to practice music, or even use the stems to create new productions.

Yet, do you know how this works technically? And what is the best platform to separate music tracks? Keep reading and find out how to separate audio tracks online for free!

Why separate the audio tracks?

When separating the audio tracks online, the user can work with only the vocals or a specific instrument. Doing so generates and has access to files ready to become karaoke tracks, study materials, covers, new productions, and more.

For example, you can isolate an instrument from a track to practice it and play it over the original audio. If you prefer, you can listen to each one separately and then create your compositions.

Thus, the user can improve his hearing, identify the characteristics of the instruments and the notes of the music, and continually evolve in musical learning. Audio producers can separate music tracks and use the stems to isolate clippings, creating new remixes.

There are current platforms that use artificial intelligence to separate vocals from music and instruments easily and quickly. The AI identifies and separates the necessary information and delivers tracks ready to use with isolated instruments and vocals.

Which platform is the best option?

Nowadays, several programs automatically separate music tracks, each holding its differentials regarding the method used and alternating between paid and free versions.


The audio editing program offers the necessary tools to separate vocals from music. You can choose to transform the theme from stereo to mono, select one of the channels and use the “Invert” function to remove the vocals from a track using the separation method.


The software to separate audio tracks online also uses artificial intelligence through the open-source code Spleeter. With that, Moises platform can separate vocals and instruments from any song. According to the user’s configuration, it is possible to separate the track into up to 5 different stems.

First developed in the web version, the tool got Android and iOS versions at the end of last year.

Moises allows the user easy, fast, and effective usability, guaranteeing excellent results when separating online audio tracks. The platform is for FREE, but it also has a paid Premium version, with more available features.

Do you want to know how to separate audio tracks online using Moises? Check out the step-by-step instructions below:

Step by step: how to separate audio tracks online with Moises

1. Install the app

The application is available for Android (from version 5.0) and iOS (from version 11).

The app has a free version that includes 5 uploads per month, allowing songs up to 5 minutes long. The Premium version offers unlimited music with a capacity of up to 20 minutes in length per file.

2. Create your account

Choose how you want to register with the app: through your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. On iOS, it is possible to log in using the Apple account. Another option is to create your account by typing your email.

3. Upload the audio file

After creating your account, click on the icon box and the plus (+) button. You can import the audio file in 3 ways:

  • Import with a public URL: click on the option and fill in the field with the selected URL, both for cloud services and public addresses.
  • iTunes App (iOS): Select music purchased from the iTunes Store.
  • Files Apps: Import music from your files, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Search for the desired file / URL and upload it.

4. Separate the audio tracks

After clicking Process Media, wait a few seconds and select the desired option, either in 2 tracks (vocals + instrumental) or 4 tracks (vocals + drums + bass + others). The 5-track separation option is only available in the Premium version of the application.

If you have a subscription, you can also select the function to preserve the audio's high frequencies.

Choose from the options and click Submit. Wait while your file is processed. This step may take a few minutes.

5. Mixer

When you finish separating the audio tracks, click on the cloud icon to download the track. Wait a few moments, and the track will start playing automatically.

The app shows some of its first access features, such as Pitch Changer, Smart Metronome, and Audio Speed Changer.

Tip! We recommend using headphones to enhance and facilitate your experience while editing audio.

6. Download

After making all significant adjustments, click on the download icon to download the tracks.

You can choose to download stem by stem or export the complete mix. Select the desired format, WAV (available for Premium users) or MP3.

Then choose if you prefer to copy the link, share the file or download the track.

Save your music to your preferred location, such as Google Drive or iCloud, or share the file with anyone you want.

Ready! Now you can listen to your tracks whenever you want and share your production with friends and professionals in the field.

Moises makes it much easier to separate audio tracks online and explore your creative potential, whether creating karaoke tracks with friends, covers, acapella versions of your favorite compositions, learning music, producing, or whatever creativity allows!

So, were you curious to try Moises? Download the app now and tell us what you think!

Images: Pexels (Magda Ehlers)

Amanda Medeiros

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