Moises for Guitarists: How to Make Guitar Backing Tracks, and Other Powerful Features

Learn how to make the most out of our tools and achieve the guitar skills you always dreamed of!

So, you created your Moises account, got the app in front of you, the guitar is snugly sitting in your lap, and you’re ready to slay the guitar parts from your favorite songs - now what? Before you find yourself lost in an endless search for the right guitar backing tracks, read on to see how you can make the most of our features and ace your practice sessions to the fullest.


Whether you’re using Moises in the phone App, Web App, or Desktop version, our powerful and laser-focused AI allows you to import any song and separate the audio into instruments and vocals in moments. You can easily mute the vocals and other instruments and listen to the guitar track only, so you can hear all the nuances and practice with accuracy. Or, if you already know the guitar parts to a certain song, mute just the guitar and play along. Sounds too good to be true? We get it - many other tools in the past had claimed to do the same, but simply didn’t deliver.

That’s where our tech comes in, bearing Marty Schwart’s stamp of approval. The iconic guitar mentor with a 3.5 million subscriber base sings his praises in his very own Moises tutorial:

In the video, he showcases how to quickly create guitar backing tracks for effective practicing with the Moises iPad App, and goes on to rock the guitar lead to ACDC’s Back in Black. With Marty swooning over the precision and quality of this function, tailoring your practice experience with your dream tracklist is easier than ever before.


Can’t find the guitar chords for the song you’re itching to play? With our smart Chord Detection, you’ll never need to look beyond Moises. Simply import any song into the app from your phone or browser and the AI will generate all the chords for you. Think of it as Shazam for chords that appear on the screen in real-time, so you can start following along and emulate your idols. Also, knowing which key the song is in allows you to improvise any guitar solos way more easily.

This function has another great bonus: ear training. Over time, you’ll be getting used to how specific chords sound, developing your own intuition to recognize them. It’s the chord finder you’ve been waiting for - fast, reliable, and easy to use. You can also slow any of the stems down to study challenging chord progressions closely or to hear the details of difficult riffs.

Take a look at The Bearded Guitarist’s review to see how quickly and accurately the AI responds:


Doing a cover as a band but the singer needs to sing in a different key? We got you. With Moises, you can change the key of any imported song and the chords will transpose automatically - no extra work for you. And if you’re doing a cover but changing the tempo, don’t forget about the Smart Metronome to generate the right-click tracks and stay in sync.

What other Moises features do you tend to use as a guitarist? Would you like us to write articles that go even deeper into the tech? Let us know! We love creating useful content for you.

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises

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