Top 15 Apps for Musicians

Musicians and singers of all skill ranges can benefit from the technology that lies within each and everyone of our pockets. We’ve concocted a list of what we believe to be the best 15 apps for musicians, check it out!

With today’s modern technology, we are able to access anything we need as long as we can connect to the internet. Along with these advances has come a world on it’s own - the world of apps. What started as a simple and practical place for things such as games, helpful tools, and weather apps, quickly became a world that now depends on apps in every industry across the board. This is no different with the music industry. One of the most profound ways that apps have benefitted the musical community is the creation of apps for musicians.

From a brand new singer, to an experienced pianist, to playing guitar as a hobby, there are music apps for any and everyone. Whether you’re downloading a music learning app, or just need something to help you keep up on practicing your scales, we’ve got our favorites listed below. So without further ado, here are our top 15 apps for music creators.

1. Moises

Moises is the perfect example of using an app to better your abilities. For use on any instrument within a song, you can remove vocals, isolate the part you’re trying to learn, speed it up or slow it down, change pitch or tempo, or even view the chords. This makes it one of the best options when trying to learn a particular part in a song, whether vocal or instrumental, or even to try something new!

Available on the Web, App Store and Play Store, there is a free version or a Premium subscription at the low price of $3.99 per month!

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2. Yousician

Yousician is one of the top rated and most common music apps. With the ability to pick from guitar, piano, bass, singing, or ukelele, it listens while you play and gives you real time feedback. There are over 1500 exercises as well as many videos, covering all kinds of skills. You can also follow along with guided lessons so you can learn at your own pace.

Available on App Store and Play Store, this monthly subscription will cost you $9.99.

3. Garageband

Garageband is a commonly known, iOS exclusive, popular app, used by many entry-level music creators. It is essentially a ready-to-go music studio. With a variety of touch instruments, it is very user friendly and great for a place to get started.

It is free for iOS users.

4. SingTrue

Their slogan says it all, “SingTrue can teach anyone to sing, even if you think you’re tone deaf!”. First you listen, then you sing, then it corrects you if you have something you can work on. It is laced with interactive music exercises, and the app itself was consulted on with some of the leading vocal teachers around the globe.

Compatible on both Apple and Android, it is free to download.

5. Singeo

Another great singing app is Singeo! It offers online voice lessons designed for anybody with a desire to sing, and you have a voice coach to support you along the way! They want you to be able to discover how your voice works and sing with confidence, and at a price of just $10.58 a month, that’s hard to beat to have your own personal vocal coach. They also offer a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Compatible on both iPhone and Android, this is a great option if you have the desire to improve your voice!

6. Tiny Piano

Tiny Piano is just what it sounds like, a piano ready to play for both iOS and Android users.

There are over 400 songs to enjoy and practice, but the main focus of the app is to have fun. If you’re looking to practice simple scales and other more simplistic skills while also having fun, this is the app for you. You control the timing so you can go fast or slow.

This app is free for download.

7. Simply Piano

This app is a fast and fun way to learn piano. It works by placing either your Apple or Android device on your piano and start playing, it will immediately recognize what you’re playing and can give you instant feedback. No piano to use? No problem, try the touch courses to turn your device into an on screen keyboard. This subscription will cost you $9.99 per month.

8. Simply Guitar

Like Simply Piano, Simply Guitar is one of the top rated apps for learning guitar. It listens through your device's microphone while you play, and gives instant feedback to improve your playing. It walks you through step by step tutorials, teaches you the fundamentals like chords, strumming techniques, tuning your guitar, and more. They add up to date songs along with complete lessons, and they add new songs and lessons regularly.

Available on both iOS and Android, this subscription is $9.99 per month.

9. Drumeo

Of all the apps out there for learning drums, Drumeo is at the top. It is designed as a drum lessons platform, and there are lessons on every topic pertaining to drums. From technique (hand and foot), to creative drumming, to playing with songs, soloing, speed & endurance, dynamics, to nearly every musical style, Drumeo has lessons for it all.

Taught by world renowned teachers, the lessons on this app are available on both iOS and Android. While there are different subscription options, you can also pay for specific lessons, so the price varies by what you’re wanting to learn.

10. Violin: Magical Bow

On a more unique instrument, Violin: Magical Bow was designed to make playing the violin as fun as any other instrument. With a simulated bow, you can play notes, learn chords, and most importantly have fun while playing games.

It is available on App Store and Play Store, and is free to download but costs $2.99 to unlock every song.

11. iBone

Along the same vein of unique instruments, iBone brings you the pocket trombone. It’s the closest you can get to the real thing as you can touch or blow to make a sound, slide your finger to change the pitch, slur up and down, and raise and lower the bell to change volume. This app covers the standard two and a half octave range that a normal trombone carries. You can accompany the lead trombone or take the solo, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, no worries! The in-app roboBone will guide you through what you’re meant to do.

On both iOS and Android, you can play along to 7 free songs before purchasing more.

12. Easy Music

If you have kids that want to be introduced into the world of music, this is the perfect app for you. No theory is required in this animated world of fun. Kids will learn to recognize notes, pitch, rhythm, melody, and they can try multiple instruments. It is filled with interactive games while exploring a musical world during which they will learn fundamental skills in relation to music.

Available on both App Store and Play Store, this music app will cost a one time fee of $3.99.

13. Music Theory Helper

Music Theory Helper is an Android only music theory learning app that makes learning a complex topic like music theory much more manageable. You will learn things such as chords, circle of fifths, intervals, note intervals, rests, scales, symbols, along with multiple exercises to put your knowledge to the test. The goal of this app is to make the experience easy to understand and grasp the concept of music theory. As of the writing of this article, this app is free to download.

14. Tempo - Music Video Maker

For creators wanting to add a fun and exciting spin to their music, they can use Tempo - Music Video Maker to create a video to go along with their music. Not only can you add video, but you can also create a lyric video if that is what you prefer.

With popular themes, a variety of music, transitions, filters, and other effects, this app is free for both iOS and Android, or should you choose there is a premium subscription to unlock all it has to offer.

15. SoundCue

Last but not least, SoundCue has made our list for it’s benefits of usage during a live performance. Specifically designed for live performance, this app for musicians offers set up and playback cues with a single touch, provides quick playback controls, offers individual volume of each cue, along with count up / count down timers - knowing exactly how much time is left or how long a track has been playing. And if you need to make quick changes before or during a set, you can easily drag and drop cues to rearrange the order or input something new.

Available on App Store and Play Store, this app costs one initial cost of $14.99.

Here at Moises we constantly strive to bring inspiration to artists across the globe, to continue to inspire those to practice and create music! So, did we miss any of your favorite apps for musicians? Let us know in the comments below!

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises

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