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Moises was elected Best Personal Growth App 2021 by Google Play

Shout-out to those that nominated Moises App as one of the top 10 apps in the world for Google Play Users’ Choice Awards 2021! We have just been elected as the Best Personal Growth App and all our team is very honored with the resonance of our music community.

When Moises was born two years ago, our highest goal was to empower music creators, learners, and enthusiasts to practice, listen, and produce music in new and personalized ways through our effective AI.

We couldn't be happier with the resonance of our worldwide music community that nominated Moises App in the top 10 ranking of best apps of the year at the Google Play Users’ Choice Awards 2021. It has just been announced that we have been elected the Best Personal Growth App in 2021 in several countries, such as Brazil, Germany, France, Thailand, and Israel!

A huge thank you! We salute you for adopting Moises as your music partner! And for taking the time to dive in and explore the boundless possibilities for personalizing your playback experience given by our AI. Whether to practice, create, remix, or even listen to music in a whole new way, it’s a tailored experience that is modulated by and for you. Upload any song and cook your own mix easily, in whatever way suits your musical goal or taste.

Created by a Brazilian drummer, approved by musicians worldwide

It means a lot to us that our goal of putting technology at the service of music creators and learners is being met. We work hard to put the creative control in your fingertips to separate instrumental and vocal tracks in the way you choose, extract acapella tracks, bend any song to your vocal range, command the music speed, see the chords on screen, practice with a smart metronome, and much more.

All these features could not have been developed other than from a spunky team of musicians and music lovers. Furthermore, with a knack for tech innovations and a big appetite for finding solutions for their own music needs.

Moises was invented by amateur drummer Geraldo Ramos, 35, CEO and founder. He was looking for ways to boost his practice by playing the drums on top of the songs he loved without destroying the instrumental, but also in a manner that his playing didn't mix up with the original drummer.

After reading about a Deezer model for separating audio, he took a free weekend to dedicate himself to this project and amazingly created the Moises system! Later enhanced and developed to reach its own engine and AI.

Geraldo solved not only his practice issue, but nailed it for worldwide musicians, singers, music producers, and remixers by making it really simple to split songs for the best musical use of each one.

In such an amplitude, that after only one year Moises had already more than one million users.

Currently, we have more than 7 million users in 210 countries, spread throughout the US, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil... All of us connected through this boundless sound wave and the will to play and experiment with music, taking advantage of technology to speed up and help in the process.

Although music goes beyond frontiers and makes our world smaller by bringing us together, it's worth highlighting that Moises is the only top 10 nominated app at Google Play Users’ Choice Awards 2021 that was entirely created by Brazilians.

Sea of music frequencies, separated with your fingertip

Wondering about our names' origin?

Very simple! Geraldo took inspiration from the biblical story of the separation of the Red Sea caused by Moses to name our AI that bravely and quickly gets your audio separated in up to five instrumental tracks.

As we usually say, from the very beginning Moises is powered by our AI but perfected by musicians. Trusted by professional musicians and creators and loved by millions.

Thank you for the amazing feedback through nominating and voting for us. We hear you!

On our end, we are tuned. Always on the run for developing our AI and providing you with the most effective and simple features that charge your fingertip as a music creative controller. Keep playing along with us and being your own audio remixer, discover our features further, and stay tuned!

Amanda Medeiros

Content & SEO Manager at Moises

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