50% of the price, 100% of the quality

Unlock your full creative potential with the union of cutting-edge AI and Music

Moises' Beat Friday is here! Get an exclusive 50% discount on a yearly Premium subscription from November 20th to the 30th.

Raise the bar, drop the mic price

Unlimited features and whip-smart AI technology.

Unlimited* AI Audio Separation

Enjoy faster processing, unlimited* uploads, and exclusive access to premium separation options for encapsulating every nuance — guitar tracks, background vocals, piano, and strings.

Smart Metronome Unlocked

Instantly generate full-song click tracks whenever you want.

Audio Speed Changer Unlocked

Experience the Speed Changer without limitations. Slow down or speed up any song with 1-click. The App instantly detects and displays the BPM of any song.

Pitch Changer Unlocked

Unlock up to 12 semitones. Enjoy endless flexibility to transpose music wherever your creativity takes you.

Unlimited Chord Detection

Detects and displays chords in real-time without limitations. Use the Pitch Changer to transpose chords to your key of choice instantly.

Count-Ins Extended

Go beyond the 4-click Count-In at the beginning of the song: get the flexibility of an extended count-in, with up to 16 clicks to get you ideally in time before you dive into those complex sections — even if they're on a specific part of the song.

Unlimited possibilities with the Premium features… for half the price!

Frequently Asked Questions

All enthusiasts on Free plan: rejoice! Whether you’re sparking a new anthem with us or riffing back into Premium, as long as you currently have a Free plan, you can upgrade to Premium for half the price.

Our event lasts from the 20th to the 30th of November — mark the arrangements in your calendar.

Continuity is the key, and our promotion won't skip a beat. The Beat Friday discount applies throughout all 11 days — not solely on Fridays.

Past Premium subscribers who are now using the Free plan can re-enter with Beat Friday's discounted. Just ensure your account is Free when you purchase, alright?

Of course! Newcomers and long-term admirers, you’re invited to subscribe in our Premium plan with 50% off.

Just the Premium plan.

Upgrades from monthly to annual plans won’t be possible. So make sure you are a Free user to go for the discount!

The promotion is valid for App Store, Google Play Store, and our website purchases.

Dance to the discount beat Only until November 30!


Moises’ Beat Friday offer is available to all Free users from November 20 to 30, 2023. Monthly to Yearly upgrades are not available in this promotion. Only the Premium plan is eligible – the price remains the same for the Pro plan.